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Free Public Access

All it takes to visit the Technology Engagement Center is a Linebaugh Library card. With this free card, members can participate in classes, take advantage of free WiFi and internet access and get help with internet research, including job research and applications. The opportunities for community growth and knowledge are endless at the TEC.

Small Business Meeting Rooms

The TEC will offer a number of small meeting rooms that are equipped to help people collaborate, explore, and ideate. Many rooms are versatile and can become a classroom, meeting room, or study lounge. Sponsored by the region’s most innovative businesses, these meeting rooms are more than just walls and furniture. They are inspiration incubators.

Access to Computers

The TEC offers dozens of Mac and PC computer work stations. Visitors will have access to current software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting) and other software. Visitors can also seek instruction from Library staff on how to use the software.


3D Printing sounds magical. It even looks like magic. But the technology is real and accessible through the Linebaugh Library’s TEC. Friends can even watch your creation come to life through LiveStreaming on the web.

Children’s Area

Whether it’s computer or crafts, the TEC focuses on developing the aptitude, intelligence, and inspiration of every child in our community. We believe that by providing the tools and a little direction, this upcoming generation will succeed in making the world a better place. Children can participate in group activities and individual learning at the TEC, most of which will be free of charge.

Technology and Innovation Classes

Technology is only as good as the knowledge of how to use it. A highly trained staff, combined with digital learning resources, help Visitors make the most of the available technology. Whether it’s composing a resume and submitting it online, designing a widget with our CAD software and watching it come to life with a 3D printer, or navigating the myriad of digital magazines available, Visitors can learn the skills, tricks, and tips necessary to succeed. Group and Individual classes will be scheduled throughout the year so that our community can continue to learn and grow.


Located on the campus of Hobgood Elementary school, in the heart of Murfreesboro, The Linebaugh Community Technology Center is a building designed for education, exploration, and inspiration. Inside you will find computers, tablets, eReaders and 3D printers all ready to be explored. You will also find the friendly faces of staff who know the in’s and out’s of all of the technology on-site and are ready and willing to share their knowledge. From building a CAD for 3D printing to conducting online research for a school project to developing and uploading a resume for a future career, our staff is eager to serve our community’s needs. The CTC recognizes that great things come from collaboration in innovative spaces. For this reason, you will also find technologically advanced meeting rooms designed to promote big thinking, inspire creative ideas, facilitate small business innovation or simply be a place for concerted collaboration and study. Room size will range from small conference room to larger classroom and multi-function rooms, but all will encourage exploration through bridging technology, art, and innovation. These spaces will act as an area for community members to come together and make great things happen. If you’re interested in supporting the growth of our community through advancement in technology access and innovation inspiration please consider supporting our efforts.



2 x 3D Printers


The most valuable technology is your helping hand.

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For the past two years, the Rutherford County Library System has been working on plans for a technology engagement center [TEC], an innovative approach not widely found. Working with the City of Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, and the Christy Houston Foundation, what began as a dream is now one step closer to becoming a reality. “We are thankful to both our public and private partners for their financial support and for their forward thinking and planning. We strongly believe that this public Technology Engagement Center will enhance workforce development for our citizens through training opportunities and will become a primary avenue to on-line job research and applications. The TEC will also bridge much of the gap between technology and education that exists in parts of our community. This “shelfless” electronic library will provide something for almost every citizen in our community, and we believe it will become a model for other public libraries across our state and nation,” stated Gary Green, Library Board Vice-Chair and Chair of the TEC Committee.

This “shelfless” electronic library will provide something for almost every citizen in our community, and we believe it will become a model for other public libraries across our state and nation.” – Gary Green 

According to a recent report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation (an advocacy group for disadvantaged children and families), in the United States, 84% of all households with children in low-income inner city neighborhoods do not have computers. LPLS’s concept is to create a “digital” center filled with a variety of computers and other electronic devices (e-readers, iPads, etc.); study/meeting rooms for students and small businesses; and training and computer classes. The center will also be a valuable resource for healthcare research, digital connection to insurance benefits/payments, and even application to the Affordable Care Act. The TEC will be located on the Hobgood Elementary School campus with plans to be open to the public within the next 18 months.


The purpose of the TEC is to have a digital center filled with a variety of computers and study/meeting rooms for students, small businesses, training, and computer classes for our…


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